Houston Art is What You Make It

Poets usually have a communication to provide for their audience. This message might be rendered in various styles and format. The essential ingredient is the fact a poem is often a variety of thoughts woven in the special way. The work of an poet might be literal, and therefore his efforts are derivable out of any specific event, or it might be metaphorical, which means his work may take on many meanings and forms.

Houston Poetry Night

Our linguistic intelligence is the thing that we can both recognize and generate vivid word vignettes. Whether you love novels, biographies, mysteries, sonnets, haiku, song lyrics, conversations, soliloquies, or newspaper stories, you’ll be able to develop greater word awareness by emphasizing descriptive phrases. Check out this video below.

The Poetry of Waxing The Woodlands and Spring TX

Everyone knows that the Houston Poetry Fest cannot exist without the generous donations from local businesses.  Local business is the backbone of any community and we like to take the time to thank each and every individual donor of the Houston poetry fest. The reason we do this is so that anyone who enjoys the Houston Poetry Fest will support the people that support us! In this instance we are highlighting my first pleasant bikini wax from a local Houston area waxing salon.
Hairy Mary of Pristine Body Studio Spring, TX

Waxing the Woodlands TX

In all honesty, I get waxed on several occasions. It is luck for us that the owner of the waxing salon was interested in sponsoring our events. So I can honestly vouch for the quality of care given to me at Pristine Body Studio who isn’t the only hair removal salon waxing the Woodlands but it is the best in my opinion. Actually, Pristine Body Studio isn’t even in The Woodlands, they are waxing Spring, TX and The Woodlands.

From the moment I walked into the small and comfortable space I felt welcomed as Monique has the best bed side manners when it comes to waxing.  We all know ripping hair from your body can be painful but Monique makes it as easy as it could be with her special techniques. I can honestly say I felt no pain when receiving my bikini wax. I also receive an eyebrow wax from Monique of Pristine Body Studio and it was great! My eyebrows looked so good I find myself only going to Monique as no one would be able to wax my eyebrows the way she did.

Thank You Pristine Body Studio

So once again I want to thank PBS for the donation to our cause and I will not stop recommending you for waxing services in the Woodlands or Spring or Houston, TX. Even though I stay in central Houston I make the long trip to Spring, TX to get bikini waxed at Pristine. My husband hates the drive but fell in love with Monique when he met her so he complains less about the drive. He even got a back waxing service and I love how smooth he is now. He was a first time wax customer as well. The entire time he was afraid of the pain but it wasn’t painful at all for him. If you live in Houston and love it as much as we do please take the time to visit PBS and get a waxing service you won’t regret it.